Focus: The case of the tray of eggs

I have only 2 favorite videos in the entire world, and this 16-second video is one of them. I laugh each time I watch this video and I hope you do as well. Here is one lesson of the many I have drawn from it.

Focus has been touted as one of the main reasons for success in this world. Find one passion, find one strength, find one goal, one desire and work on it. There is even an adage for those who want more than one, “A jack of trades and a master of none”. So, modernity and the sages of old somehow found focus important for mastery of anything. And indeed, focus is great, it helps me when I need to work on the variety of interests I have. I carve out one hour for this, another hour for that and during each hour I think of nothing but my task. Focus is splendid.

It’s just that sometimes we focus so much on one issue, one person, one problem, one challenge. We make a bit of progress on that one, only to realize that there is more to life and that “more” has been neglected. I know I could say more but the video speaks for itself here. So, what are you working on right now? Are you looking for a job, building a company, getting an MBA, raising a family, launching an intrapreneurial venture? Whatever it is, remember there are many eggs in the tray. And no, this isn’t about balance, it’s about focus. 😉

Allen Matsika

Born and raised in the small town in the land of milk and honey in south central Africa, I moved to the USA to study philosophy. The hope was to understand where humanity had lost its way. I took a historical perspective on the trajectory of western thought and was especially struck by Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War. The memorable description of human nature in that book contributed greatly to my understanding of the human condition.

Life is a misery to be endured until we die. Even those with terminal illnesses find times of respite and laugh and enjoy their lives. So too is mortality a terminal illness. We will all die, I for one am glad this is so. But before that day I will define myself, I will not go without giving everything I have got, and I will love with all my heart.

I am proud to be an Afropolitan; a world citizen of African descend. I am called Allen and I love writing, eating, and singing in the shower!

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